Pelvic Bone Damask

A very clever artist and great friend has commissioned me to create a wallpaper after seeing the croquis I developed of for a Pelvic Bone Damask pattern. I’m flattered because she paints scientific data like a dream and her ideas are really far out (she’s currently working on a meat man)!

I’m not sure yet how I’m going to set about printing the repeat; digital seems the easy but pricey way to go, screen-printing would be quality but I don’t have access to facilities, and any good ol’ analogue method always gets me excited: what’s better than a stack of photocopies + wheat paste + a nice coat of polyurethane?! Anyone else with good wallpaper-ing advice to pass out?

Here’s a sneak peak, a work in progress…



3 Responses to “Pelvic Bone Damask”

  1. laurencon Says:

    That looks awesome!

  2. Melissa Sisk Says:

    Mmmm yes, I say we redecorate the walls of the BVIS building w/ this..

    Love it!

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