Poop Factory

As promised to my classmates and inspired by Lauren‘s project on the digestive cycle, here’s Cloaca No. 5, the poop machine created by Belgian artist Wim Delvoye.

Cloaca No. 5 is a mini factory that reproduces the human digestive process. It has been exhibited in galleries and museums across the globe and invites visitors and patrons to feed it left over cafeteria food, gourmet treats from local restaurants, street snacks, and more. The result is a nice little package of poo sealed in the Cloaca label and available for purchase. This exhibition has been wildly popular and it goes to show that we are all scatological at heart!

Besides being a devout fecal engineer, Delvoye is an awesome conceptual artist, illustrator and graphic designer. Check out his sketches for Cloaca No. 5 below or visit the project site for more. And definitely visit Wim City, Delvoye’s home page; it has tons of fun roll-over effect and reminds me of the Lego towns I use to build in my basement…if only they had had a friendly neighborhood poop factory!





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