End of Year Blu

For anyone who witnessed my sheer stress last week–or felt it themselves–here’s an animation by Blu that’s nothin’ but good. Take a break from your books and relax your brain…

Muto by Blu is a totally tricked-out graffiti-animation (what’s better than that?), which I’ve returned to again and again over the last couple years. The whole process has me in awe; my dabble in traditional animation was enough to elevate my appreciation of Blu’s work through the roof.


If you know the amount of work that goes into just 10 seconds of animation, imagine over seven minutes and using buildings for canvas! The sound is terrific and the animation makes me weak. For those like me studying head and neck for the final anatomy exam…enjoy, there are several references to cervical and cranial structures, as well as general anatomy.

BUT WAIT….Blu’s drawings and murals are awesome and his website is really well designed too (I have a personal affinity for the sketchbook) so be sure to check it out: www.blublu.org



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