Brain on the chop block


How exciting?! And one day only: Today! Friday. December 4th.

Visit the link below but be patient because it loads slowly due to the streaming video.  By the way, H.M. (Henry Molaison) is probably the most famous and studied amnesic patient and a constant wonder to neurologists the world over prior to his death and after! Here is the description of Project H.M.

“We are slicing the brain of the amnesic patient H.M. into giant histological sections. The whole brain specimen has been successfully frozen to -40C and will be sectioned during one continuous session that we expect will last approximately 30 hours (+ some breaks and some sleep in between). The procedure was designed for the safe collection of all tissue slices of the brain and for the acquisition of blockface images throughout the entire block.

“The procedure will mark the completion of Phase 1 of the project which will include ex vivo MR-imaging, blockface imaging, tissue slicing and cryogenic storage of all histological sections.

“We will be streaming the video live through 12.04.09″


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