Sylvie Fleury: Rocket Model

This past week has taught me that it’s going to require a conscious effort on my part to keep up my blogging…I’m exhausted after spending three days installing/deinstalling/reinstalling Parallels, Windows 7 and 3dsMax; not having the mouse plugged in, not realizing it for a day; emailing my professor incessantly including an email on how to delete an object (it’s fn + del — not intuitive); and now attempting our first exercise into 3-d modeling: build a rocket.

Taking a break from my installation woes, I spent some “research” time looking for new music, shopping for shoes, and browsing artists’ websites I like. Since I was looking for rockets to model for my assignment I searched for some old Sylvie Fleury images. She is a contemporary Swiss pop artist. I once read that she drove an old ambulance-painted sedan around her home town; her apartment interior was decorated like some kind of medical institution. That is awesome.


One Response to “Sylvie Fleury: Rocket Model”

  1. olgaistefan Says:

    I saw Urs Fisher in Lucerne – a fantastic restrospective!
    My blog is about art and culture in Switzerland:

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