I wanna be a scratcher

This week I finished my first pen and ink drawing for my technical illustration class; the heart, the whole burrito. It was interesting to see that the history of medical illustration is dominated by a medium that requires so much care and is completely unapologetic.

Drawing in pen & ink is seductive and it’s also revealing in that flaw equals character. SO in consilodation with my academic life, I got some new ink from my tattoo artist, Nuco.

The line work he started here is not unlike the treatment of the pen in the drawings I made for class; sensitive to pressure, deliberate, permanent. To be the tattoo-ee, your skin is extremely receptive to the nuances of the line being drawn, it’s painfully exhilarating.

Nuco’s  going to give me a chance to try out the tattoo gun sometime if I get some friendly saps to let me scratch my own art into their hams, so get in line, boys, I’ll give you my heart!

Viva la Ink!


One Response to “I wanna be a scratcher”

  1. laurencon Says:

    Gorgeous, Marion! I love it.

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