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Tara Donovan, material muse

August 25, 2010

The first study for my Maya class is to create a black and white snap shot using primitive objects. SO I’m encouraged to be slightly more conceptual, a wink at my SAIC days, and found myself looking at some old slides of Tara Donovan.

Using common objects – a comment on waste and reuse? the economy of materials? the value of Art? – Donovan creates a ceiling of billowing Styrofoam cups, a wall of plastic straws, a landscape of tar paper; you have no choice except to inspect the space, to graze over the magnitude and the simplicity.

No comparison with the experience of walking through one of Donovan’s installations, the documented work is still beautiful, animated and luminescent; with elegant simplicity, Tara Donovan’s art offers appropriate inspiration for my homework. A simple object that I can repeat, stack and arrange is ideal, so I’ll borrow the Styrofoam cup…with coffee.


Sylvie Fleury: Rocket Model

January 19, 2010

This past week has taught me that it’s going to require a conscious effort on my part to keep up my blogging…I’m exhausted after spending three days installing/deinstalling/reinstalling Parallels, Windows 7 and 3dsMax; not having the mouse plugged in, not realizing it for a day; emailing my professor incessantly including an email on how to delete an object (it’s fn + del — not intuitive); and now attempting our first exercise into 3-d modeling: build a rocket.

Taking a break from my installation woes, I spent some “research” time looking for new music, shopping for shoes, and browsing artists’ websites I like. Since I was looking for rockets to model for my assignment I searched for some old Sylvie Fleury images. She is a contemporary Swiss pop artist. I once read that she drove an old ambulance-painted sedan around her home town; her apartment interior was decorated like some kind of medical institution. That is awesome.